The end of a very busy half term!

I hope you are all enjoying a restful break this week- very well earned after the hard work over the last few weeks. We have been working hard ‘transforming’ our outdoor classroom using lots of ideas from the children. It has involved lots of planting and I’ll post some photos once the plants are established. We have an allotment with lots of veg growing and some flowers in pots using ‘transformed’ 2l bottles and welly boots. Thanks to everyone who donated these! Some of the plants have been cared for by the children and they’ve even sown the seeds themselves. The outdoor space is almost ready for our ‘shop’ – we are going to have a healthy food sale on sports day and this will be a rehearsal for the real shop that we will be running at the end of term- watch out for more information next week. Enjoy the rest of the week!




‘Foodie Day’ Project Launch

On Tuesday this week we launched our new project with a ‘Foodie Day’. The children had the opportunity to sample different fruits and some of them were adventurous and even tried ones they hadn’t before!

They also transformed cream into butter and enjoyed pattern printing with vegetables and making faces with dried foods. Year 1 sampled cheeses and foods from the different countries of the UK. We hope the children came home and told you all about it!

The children in Ladybirds have written recounts of the day and some of them will appear in the newsletter. Look out for them next week!

Mrs Payne was busy chopping fruit.

Welcome Back!

Happy New Year! We welcomed the children back to a new year and we have an exciting new project to launch at our ‘Foodie Day’ next Tuesday! The children in all three classes settled nicely back into class today and spent lots of time exploring their new environments. We hope they’ve come home and told you all about them this afternoon!

We also welcomed Mrs Maqsudi to KS1. She had a fantastic first day with Dragonflies class and enjoyed getting to know the children.

Look out for pictures of our new classrooms and from the ‘Foodie Day’ next week and more details about the project in the Curriculum Newsletter later this week!

Thank you for your continued support!

Working Towards Our Project Outcome!

This term has been very busy and we’ve got the first mini outcome completed as part of our project outcome where we will be improving the Wildlife Garden at Butchers Coppice. The children in KS1 researched and designed their own ‘Adventure Shelter’ . In science, they explored materials to think about what material would be most suitable for outdoor use and then researched shelters around the world to find out what shape and design would be best. The children critiqued each others designs and created another improved one.Once each child had created their design they voted for the one they liked the best. Here they are voting.

The winning design was chosen from Beetles class and Mr Knight is busy ordering the resources and will be working on starting to cut the wood ready to put  it together. It’s very exciting! There will be a grand unveiling on 13th December at the Jamboree event! We can’t wait!

This half term we have made a start on working toward our second outcome which is tidying up the Wildlife area at the Coppice. Year 1 children have been looking at classifying animals that live in these areas and year 2 have been looking at habitats. They went on a mini-beast hunt today and looked at identifying microhabitats in the outdoor learning space. Take a look at the ones we found.


We are very innovative in year 2! Here we are completing our Maths learning by making 2d and 3d shapes with sticks and marshmallows. I couldn’t believe that very few of them were eaten! What do you think of their efforts?

They needed a lot of resilience to hold the marshmallows and fix the sticks together. Some children used their initiative and made longer sticks by putting two together! Well done Ladybirds!

Our Project Launch Day!

We had a brilliant start to the new year with a visit to Butchers Coppice last week to explore the wildlife pond area. We will be visiting the  Coppice again later in the term to tidy it up and to provide an ‘Adventurer Shelter’  that we hope can be made from one of the children’s designs. We had a visit from a RSPB ‘expert’ who helped us find lots of creatures that live in that habitat. I’m sure the children came home and told you all about it. Can any of the children remember why the white sheet was put on the ground?


Hello everyone! We have some very exciting news- we received some very tiny Painted Lady caterpillars on Thursday last week. We’ve been looking after them very carefully in the classroom and they have grown at least three times the size they were on Thursday. We are amazed! We are watching them closely and waiting for them to enter the next stage of their life cycle- can anyone remember what it is?

Here is what they look like now.


This is what they will look like when they have transformed.


The children are very excited about it! Watch this space for more updates.


The New Term!

We have had a brilliant start to the last term of the year. Our ‘Transformation Project’ has started with lots of science learning. We are building on what we learnt about plants last year , have started growing flowers and vegetables from seeds and begun  experiments. We have had a look at our outdoor learning space and done some research about what we’d like to create out there. Take a look at some of our photos. It’s been a busy start !